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22 Mar 2024

You might be surprised to know that my resume starts with a Degree in Law, Political Science, and Sociology from the University of Granada, and a Master's in Marketing and Finance from ESADE and CEF. But then, life threw me a curveball. I became a mom, celiac, and multi-intolerant.

12 Feb 2024

Agenda 1. Introduction to AI Basic Concepts 2. Common Use Cases of AI 3. Overview of Common AI Tools 4. Introductory Setup of ChatGPT 5. Deep Dive into a Specific Use Case

6 Feb 2024

We're kicking off our AI Sessions @ Isla House. We will be running a series of free events to get people started in the world of AI. All welcome. AI & ChatGPT: No-Fuss Beginner's Guide will be the first session that's all about inclusivity and clarity. Here's how we're setting the stage for your journey into AI:

29 Jan 2024

Last Friday marked a significant milestone for Isla House and the Menorca community. We opened our doors wider than ever, inviting friends, family, and local enthusiasts to experience the essence of our coworking space, engage in meaningful dialogue, and participate in an insightful accountability session. It was a day where the core values of Isla House—community, connection, and growth—truly came to life.

11 Jan 2024

With two specially designed packages, we cater to both focused leadership retreats and larger corporate celebrations, adapting to your unique team dynamics and objectives.

9 Jan 2024

In the heart of Mao, within the tranquil confines of Isla House, lies our gem – the premier meeting room. This space is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier facilities for professionals who demand the best in technology and comfort.

4 Jan 2024

we believe in the power of community and accountability to boost productivity and goal achievement. Our monthly accountability group sessions are designed to provide remote workers, freelancers, and professionals with a supportive environment to share their progress and set new objectives.

1 Nov 2023

Opening in November! Hey there, familia, friends and wonderful Menorcan community! We are incredibly excited to introduce Isla House to you. A new coworking space in the centre of Mahon, Menorca, that is redefining the way professionals work and experience island life. We offer a productive environment for remote workers and entrepreneurs to tap into their creative potential, fostering community and collaboration while celebrating the essence of our beautiful island.

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