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11 ene 2024

Discover Isla House's Premier Company Offsites in Menorca

Unveiling Tailored Corporate Retreats for Every Team

At Isla House, the heart of co-working in Mahon, Menorca, we're delighted to launch our exclusive company offsite services. With two specially designed packages, we cater to both focused leadership retreats and larger corporate celebrations, adapting to your unique team dynamics and objectives.

Elite Leadership Retreat: Intimate and Transformative (3 Days)

Ideal for groups up to 20 leaders, our 3-day retreat is crafted for deep engagement and strategic development.

Package Highlights:

  • Collaboration with a variety of local boutique and luxury hotels, accommodating different tastes and budgets.

  • A dedicated, fully-equipped space at Isla House for intensive workshops and meetings.

  • Bespoke team-building activities and insightful professional development sessions.

  • Gourmet dining experiences with a taste of local Menorcan cuisine.

  • Optional cultural tours and relaxing activities to explore the beauty of Menorca.

Pricing: Starting at €36,000 (excluding accommodation).

The Ultimate Corporate Fiesta: Vibrant and Inclusive (6 Days)

Suited for up to 100 participants, this 6-day retreat is an eclectic mix of professional growth and celebratory experiences.

Package Highlights:

  • A diverse selection of accommodation through our network of esteemed local hotels, fitting various group sizes and budgets.

  • Extensive work and leisure spaces at Isla House, designed for effective collaboration and relaxation.

  • A variety of team-building exercises, workshops, and recreational activities.

  • A spectacular private street festival featuring the enchanting Jaleo dance, immersing your team in Menorca's rich culture.

  • Comprehensive catering services, ranging from authentic local dishes to international cuisine.

Pricing: Starting at €150,000 (excluding accommodation).

Your Retreat, Customised

Both our retreat packages are fully customizable, ensuring they perfectly align with your company’s ethos and objectives. The Isla House team is dedicated to creating a retreat that’s not just a getaway, but a transformative experience, leaving your team inspired and connected.

For bookings and more information, reach out to us at email@islahouse.com or visit our website. Choose Isla House for an unparalleled corporate retreat experience in the enchanting locale of Menorca!

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