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AI Service Details

Your guides in applying practical ai to your business.

We have clients of all types and stages of working with AI. We specialise with industrial, technology and real estate businesses, that normally are not associated with AI.

We often find the greatest value in combining the opporuntities of AI with the real world in unique ways.

Below are a few project types

0 | AI opportunity audit, i.e. where will it add value to your business
1 | Proporiety knowledge base with chat access
2 | Industrial Report Creation
3 | Automated Niche Research
4 | tradeperson invoice management via WhatsApp
5 | providing ai driven staff training & onboarding
6 | automation of repetitive business processes
7 | 24/7 support for out of office client support
8 | lead generation website chat
9 | improving customer service speed & accuracy
The Right Plan, Just for You

Flexible AI solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs

We have a whole range of options depending on your needs. Come in and chat or lets meet on zoom.

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